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        When a young girl goes missing in a big city, a desperate priest joins a demon hunter and his motley crew on an otherworldly mission to find her.
        Starring:Christopher Von Uckermann, Horacio García Rojas, Gisselle Kuri
        Creators:Pablo Tébar, José Manuel Cravioto
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        Stars Christopher von Uckermann ("Soltera codiciada"), Horacio García Rojas ("Narcos: Mexico"), Humberto Busto ("El Chapo").





        Watch The Demons are Among Us. Episode 1 of Season 1.

        To find a girl who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, a young priest puts his faith in a demon hunter who's known for his unorthodox methods.

        Watch Leg of a Dog, Heart of a Chicken. Episode 2 of Season 1.

        A room reeking of a Type 2 demon leads the team to an underground fight club, where Nancy strikes a deal with the owner. Keta looks for Lucía's body.

        Watch The Hidden Children. Episode 3 of Season 1.

        Keta has history with Isaac -- and she's sure it's tied to the case. Mariana gets to know her protector, a woman who claims she can keep her safe.

        Watch An Arcane Incantation. Episode 4 of Season 1.

        Using Nancy as the vessel and the claw that was stuck in his back, Elvis performs an ancient ritual to summon the demon — with unsettling results.

        Watch The Conclave. Episode 5 of Season 1.

        A frightened Mariana runs for help, while Elvis seeks wisdom from his father. Keta learns she's much more powerful than she realized.

        Watch A Woman Diablero. Episode 6 of Season 1.

        Mamá Chabela reveals her plans for the future, and Cardinal Morelo asks Ventura to choose sides. Elvis goes looking for the Diableras.

        Watch Four Tombs. Episode 7 of Season 1.

        Elvis and his crew race to find Mamá Chabela and the children in time. Elsewhere, a spell has Isaac behaving unlike himself.

        Watch Red Sky. Episode 8 of Season 1.

        When all signs point to the end of the world, the team gathers supplies and prepares to fight back -- or die trying.

        Watch Searching for Ventura. Episode 1 of Season 2.

        As a mysterious club owner seeks Elvis's help, a familiar voice sends a message about a door that can't be closed — and the key to keeping it open.

        Watch The Ahuizotl. Episode 2 of Season 2.

        Elvis, Keta and Nancy cross into the underworld to find Ventura and bring him home. Elsewhere, a much older Mayakén displays disturbing powers.

        Watch Tears of the Devil. Episode 3 of Season 2.

        There's a monster at large — that's certain. But no one is quite sure how to kill it ... or why its victims' bones are as black as night.

        Watch Coatlicue. Episode 4 of Season 2.

        The crew sets a trap to catch the monster with Lupe's help — and the last of the LDD. But Death is looking for Elvis while they wait.

        Watch You Don't Choose Your Family. Episode 5 of Season 2.

        A series of flashbacks to the past reveal what happened to Mayakén, shedding light on his unusual childhood.

        Watch The Black Key. Episode 6 of Season 2.

        With time running out to protect the portal, Elvis and friends join forces to infiltrate the Conclave — and free Mayakén.

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        This show is...
        Irreverent, Scary, Dark
        Christopher Von UckermannHoracio García RojasGisselle KuriFátima MolinaHumberto BustoEla VeldenMichel DuvalDolores HerediaQuetzalli CortésAlexa MartinFlavio MedinaDulce NeriMariana Botas

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