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        La Ni?a

        A former Colombian guerrilla fighter faces challenges as she reintegrates into society and tries to overcome her traumatic memories.
        Starring:Ana María Estupi?án, Sebastián Eslava, Juan Sebastián Aragón
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        La Ni?a


        La Ni?a

        Season 1
        Watch Episode 1. Episode 1 of Season 1.

        After she's caught committing a crime, Sara, once known as Belky, joins a social reintegration program that reconnects her with her past life.

        Watch Episode 2. Episode 2 of Season 1.

        Sara is excited to study medicine, but painful memories continue to haunt her. Manuel opens up to Sara, and they share a special moment together.

        Watch Episode 3. Episode 3 of Season 1.

        Sara's life is threatened multiple times and she's forced to relocate, seeking safety with her family. Her sisters resent the new life they must lead.

        Watch Episode 4. Episode 4 of Season 1.

        Sara returns to being called her birth name, Belky. She takes an important university exam but is rattled by a fellow student's familial connection.

        Watch Episode 5. Episode 5 of Season 1.

        Belky lies about her past during her university interview. Meanwhile, Manuel comes to Bogotá in the hopes of rekindling their relationship.

        Watch Episode 6. Episode 6 of Season 1.

        Belky works on ways to finance her education. In the process, she clashes with her mother over the importance of medical school.

        Watch Episode 7. Episode 7 of Season 1.

        Belky shocks her classmates with how much she knows about guerrillas. Manuel's godfather helps find him a job at the university.

        Watch Episode 8. Episode 8 of Season 1.

        Belky discovers that Manuel is working at her school and lies to her friends about who he is. Col. Barragán's wife offers to help him find Belky.

        Watch Episode 9. Episode 9 of Season 1.

        Belky has a disturbing run-in with Col. Barragán. Tatiana learns that Belky and others from her program are being followed and photographed.

        Watch Episode 10. Episode 10 of Season 1.

        Barragán bullies Belky with the knowledge he has about her past. She responds by threatening to put his daughter in danger as tensions rise.

        Watch Episode 11. Episode 11 of Season 1.

        Manuel comes clean about the part he unwittingly played in Barragán's discovery of Belky. Barragán continues his investigation with Barón's help.

        Watch Episode 12. Episode 12 of Season 1.

        Yolima visits Manuel with some surprising news. Tatiana and Col. Alzate meet with Belky to talk about Col. Barragán.

        Watch Episode 13. Episode 13 of Season 1.

        Col. Alzate urges Belky to find witnesses to help formally create a case against Col. Barragán. Belky struggles to balance school and work.

        Watch Episode 14. Episode 14 of Season 1.

        Manuel finds out that Belky didn't receive the card he wrote to her. Santiago continues to pursue Belky romantically. Barragán meets with Marimar.

        Watch Episode 15. Episode 15 of Season 1.

        Manuel cozies up to Julio and Esteban in the hopes of finding out where Raúl is living. Victor flirts with Juliana at a party with the other students.

        Watch Episode 16. Episode 16 of Season 1.

        Manuel tries to convince Raúl to turn against Barragán. Connie is caught in a difficult situation with Rodrigo when he suffers an allergy attack.

        Watch Episode 17. Episode 17 of Season 1.

        Manuel asks Yolima to leave his house. Belky finally confronts Raúl about failing to help her while she was being sexually assaulted.

        Watch Episode 18. Episode 18 of Season 1.

        Belky puts her future at the university in jeopardy when she lashes out at Natalia. Raúl speaks out about Barragán's military transgressions.

        Watch Episode 19. Episode 19 of Season 1.

        Belky begins therapy. Someone close to Manuel gets hurt. Victor threatens to reveal Natalia's secret if she brings charges against Belky.

        Watch Episode 20. Episode 20 of Season 1.

        Professor Amino and Horacio weigh in on Belky's fate at the university. Santiago learns the truth about Manuel and Belky's relationship.

        Watch Episode 21. Episode 21 of Season 1.

        Belky confronts Santiago about his bet. Alfonso tells Horacio he's worried about his marriage. Barón speaks with Raúl about his testimony.

        Watch Episode 22. Episode 22 of Season 1.

        Alfonso attempts to save his marriage. An attack on Raúl leaves someone else injured. Barragán realizes Barón hid information from him.

        Watch Episode 23. Episode 23 of Season 1.

        Raúl is hospitalized after a car accident. Mireya gets some shocking news. Barón and Manuel are implicated in the investigation into Raúl.

        Watch Episode 24. Episode 24 of Season 1.

        Belky aims to earn a scholarship by studying with Santiago. Tatiana offers to have Alzate recover at her house. Manuel is interrogated about Raúl.

        Watch Episode 25. Episode 25 of Season 1.

        Raúl makes plans to escape to Ecuador while Alzate searches for him. Natalia finds nefarious ways to compete with Belky for the scholarship.

        Watch Episode 26. Episode 26 of Season 1.

        Belky learns that professor Herminio is selling exams. Back from the U.S., Barragán meets with Barón. Raúl makes a decision about his testimony.

        Watch Episode 27. Episode 27 of Season 1.

        Another person in Belky's life is kidnapped. Natalia confesses about what she did to Juliana on the exam. Belky learns who won the scholarship.

        Watch Episode 28. Episode 28 of Season 1.

        Connie's relationship with Rodrigo and marriage to Alfonso come to a head. Belky learns about Manuel's disappearance. Barón takes action against Raúl.

        Watch Episode 29. Episode 29 of Season 1.

        Manuel is implicated in a crime he didn't commit. Alfonso's attitude toward Rodrigo and Connie complicates matters at the university.

        Watch Episode 30. Episode 30 of Season 1.

        Horacio seeks legal help for Manuel's defense. A former program associate of Belky's connects with Julio and Esteban as they try to find Yolima.

        Watch Episode 31. Episode 31 of Season 1.

        Belky tricks Julio into believing she knows where they need to go in the jungle. Tatiana, suspicious of Belky's absence, ends up in trouble herself.

        Watch Episode 32. Episode 32 of Season 1.

        Angela and María Luisa return to find their financial situation has changed. Alzate searches for Tatiana while she's held hostage with Yolima.

        Watch Episode 33. Episode 33 of Season 1.

        Belky pleads with Felipe to take on Manuel's case. Meanwhile, Julio and Esteban aim to exact revenge on Manuel in jail. Belky gets a new job.

        Watch Episode 34. Episode 34 of Season 1.

        Felipe needs Alfonso's help with his case, but he risks outing Belky's past to her new boss. Rodrigo and Connie face a challenge.

        Watch Episode 35. Episode 35 of Season 1.

        Belky is faced with a tough decision when her past life as a guerrilla interferes with her new job. Esteban's revenge plot doesn't end as expected.

        Watch Episode 36. Episode 36 of Season 1.

        Belky comes clean to Alfonso about her violent past, as well as her relationship with Manuel. Chucho has a business proposition for Miguel.

        Watch Episode 37. Episode 37 of Season 1.

        Felipe, Pablo and Vanessa investigate Manuel's involvement in Raúl's murder. Alfonso tells Belky to be honest with Juliana about her former life.

        Watch Episode 38. Episode 38 of Season 1.

        An intoxicated Alfonso reveals too much about Juliana and Rodrigo's past indiscretions. Connie finds out why her apartment rental fell through.

        Watch Episode 39. Episode 39 of Season 1.

        Belky pays an emotional visit to Manuel while he's imprisoned. A new patient's medical problems hit uncomfortably close to home for Santiago.

        Watch Episode 40. Episode 40 of Season 1.

        María Inés is hospitalized with health problems. María Luisa visits the university in search of Belky. Connie rethinks her relationship with Rodrigo.

        Watch Episode 41. Episode 41 of Season 1.

        María Luisa continues to insist that she and Belky can be close friends. But when they meet up, she unknowingly puts Belky in harm's way.

        Watch Episode 42. Episode 42 of Season 1.

        Manuel's defense hits a bump in the road when evidence that could sink his case is introduced in court. Belky tries to help María Luisa.

        Watch Episode 43. Episode 43 of Season 1.

        Barragán discovers that his daughter is receiving counseling from a university therapist. Manuel's lawyers continue to search for Raúl's body.

        Watch Episode 44. Episode 44 of Season 1.

        Barragán searches for Horacio to speak about the therapy sessions. He is incensed when he discovers his wife played a role and lashes out in anger.

        Watch Episode 45. Episode 45 of Season 1.

        Belky and Juliana's friendship is put to the test when Alfonso tells his daughter the truth about Belky's guerrilla-fighting past.

        Watch Episode 46. Episode 46 of Season 1.

        Juliana tells Santiago about Belky's past, and he hatches a devious plan. Victor seeks out Barragán's wife to ask her to testify against her husband.

        Watch Episode 47. Episode 47 of Season 1.

        Barón has an important decision to make. Santiago continues to mount his campaign to kick Belky out of the university.

        Watch Episode 48. Episode 48 of Season 1.

        Manuel reconnects with Belky. They move to take their relationship to the next level, but first she must overcome her past trauma.

        Watch Episode 49. Episode 49 of Season 1.

        The parents of a group of students sign a petition calling for Alfonso's resignation and Belky's expulsion from the university.

        Watch Episode 50. Episode 50 of Season 1.

        A soldier who lost his leg shares his story at the university, prompting many students to rethink their position on the war.

        Watch Episode 51. Episode 51 of Season 1.

        Manuel is disturbed by Yolima's plans for the future. A new dean at the university causes conflict between Rodrigo and Connie.

        Watch Episode 52. Episode 52 of Season 1.

        Manuel plans a special romantic date night that he and Belky can enjoy together.

        Watch Episode 53. Episode 53 of Season 1.

        Manuel's big plans for his living situation are thwarted. Alfonso and the new dean, Bárbara, get to know each other better.

        Watch Episode 54. Episode 54 of Season 1.

        Manuel asks Yolima not to move away and leave him alone with their daughter. Belky steps in to help with the situation.

        Watch Episode 55. Episode 55 of Season 1.

        Alfonso gives Rodrigo a job opportunity, but Rodrigo isn't thrilled about having to work with Belky. Manuel makes a new friend at school.

        Watch Episode 56. Episode 56 of Season 1.

        Alfonso and Belky examine an unknown woman's dead body and are surprised when they finally discover her identity.

        Watch Episode 57. Episode 57 of Season 1.

        A surprising legal decision about Barragán affects everyone the former colonel victimized, including his wife.

        Watch Episode 58. Episode 58 of Season 1.

        Barragán confronts Angela at their house and demands to see María Luisa. He also seeks out Felipe to threaten him.

        Watch Episode 59. Episode 59 of Season 1.

        The group comes together to mourn Gilma at her funeral. Barragán sends someone to tamper with the brakes of a car, putting multiple lives at risk.

        Watch Episode 60. Episode 60 of Season 1.

        Barragán continues to obsess over finding his daughter and goes to Belky's house searching for answers about where María Luisa is hiding.

        Watch Episode 61. Episode 61 of Season 1.

        Belky is increasingly concerned about her family's safety. She heads to María Luisa's secret location to tell her about her father's atrocities.

        Watch Episode 62. Episode 62 of Season 1.

        Shocked and upset by the new revelations about her father, María Luisa decides to confront Barragán about his actions.

        Watch Episode 63. Episode 63 of Season 1.

        Barragán is hospitalized and doctors must perform a delicate surgery in an attempt to save his life. María Luisa waits anxiously to hear the outcome.

        Watch Episode 64. Episode 64 of Season 1.

        Barragán asks Angela for a favor, but it ends up backfiring. Col. Alzate visits Barragán to tell him just how bad his new situation is.

        Watch Episode 65. Episode 65 of Season 1.

        Belky's family prepares for the baby's baptism. Mireya worries that Manuel's new friend will threaten the happiness of his relationship with Belky.

        Watch Episode 66. Episode 66 of Season 1.

        Chucho interferes with the baptism celebrations. Mireya asks Belky for forgiveness, and they talk about Belky's childhood.

        Watch Episode 67. Episode 67 of Season 1.

        A natural disaster threatens the lives of Victor's parents while they are en route to the farm. Juliana joins Victor in the search for his family.

        Watch Episode 68. Episode 68 of Season 1.

        Manuel's plan to surprise Belky with a vacation goes awry, and he questions the strength of their relationship as a result.

        Watch Episode 69. Episode 69 of Season 1.

        Belky's extensive knowledge of the abortions that occurred during guerrilla warfare puts her risk when it angers one of the doctors in her group.

        Watch Episode 70. Episode 70 of Season 1.

        Segura and Abellaneda enlist help in their plot to kill Belky without anybody knowing the motive behind the murder.

        Watch Episode 71. Episode 71 of Season 1.

        Rodrigo, Horacio and Belky initiate their elaborate plan to save Peter's life, but it involves lying to his family about his health.

        Watch Episode 72. Episode 72 of Season 1.

        Manuel thinks that Belky's priorities may be too different from his own, and he talks to her father about the state of their relationship.

        Watch Episode 73. Episode 73 of Season 1.

        Melissa plans a romantic, child-free night for her and Manuel and takes the opportunity to confess her intimate feelings for him.

        Watch Episode 74. Episode 74 of Season 1.

        The mercury poisoning Belky has unknowingly endured starts to take its toll on her health, and Silvia urges her to seek a diagnosis.

        Watch Episode 75. Episode 75 of Season 1.

        Tatiana and Col. Alzate make plans to get married and ask Belky and Manuel to participate in the special ceremony.

        Watch Episode 76. Episode 76 of Season 1.

        Belky's health deteriorates drastically, and Manuel rushes her to the hospital as her condition becomes grave.

        Watch Episode 77. Episode 77 of Season 1.

        Herminio tries to interfere with Belky's medical test results so the doctors can't discover the real reason she is so ill.

        Watch Episode 78. Episode 78 of Season 1.

        Belky's medical tests show that she's had mercury in her system for a long time, and the doctors begin to look into who has been poisoning her.

        Watch Episode 79. Episode 79 of Season 1.

        Natalia helps Manuel figure out necessary information about Herminio, and a confrontation ensues.

        Watch Episode 80. Episode 80 of Season 1.

        Alfonso and Bárbara are prepared to present their respective projects at the university, but one of them has a surprise in store.

        Watch Episode 81. Episode 81 of Season 1.

        Fearing that he'll be captured, Herminio gets desperate and kidnaps someone in an attempt to escape.

        Watch Episode 82. Episode 82 of Season 1.

        The doctors are on the lookout for Segura as she tries to discreetly gather more information about Belky.

        Watch Episode 83. Episode 83 of Season 1.

        Segura confesses the real motive she has for trying to harm Belky and her family.

        Watch Episode 84. Episode 84 of Season 1.

        Belky formulates a plan to confront Segura in a public place where Belky will feel protected.

        Watch Episode 85. Episode 85 of Season 1.

        Manuel's mother travels to Bogotá to reunite with her son. She tells him the real story behind his paramilitary recruitment.

        Watch Episode 86. Episode 86 of Season 1.

        Belky decides to share her story in a documentary about her life. She also makes a romantic promise to Manuel about their future.

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